Video: The Path To Our Plates

How does the poultry, pork and beef enjoyed by so many get from the farm to your table?  

The U.S. meat and poultry industry proudly processes, packages and delivers a variety of the meat products to us every day.  In fact, in the U.S. alone billions of pounds of meat is enjoyed each year. 

So, what path does it take to get to our plates?  It starts with teamwork on the farm. Farm families, agronomists, nutritionists, veterinarians … all working together to produce crops to raise healthy animals, like using high quality soy protein in livestock and poultry feed.   

Next, livestock and poultry are transported to packing plants where they’re processed into meat and undergo rigorous federal inspection to ensure its safe and properly labeled. Then it’s off to companies that specialize in preparing a variety of products – packaged meat, sausage, chicken nuggets or custom cuts.     

Critical to food safety and security is cold storage  facilities that keep these products frozen until they’re needed.  And When the time is right, our favorite beef, pork and poultry products are shipped across the U.S. and around the world … not only to grocery stores and restaurants … but to hotels, event centers, schools, hospitals, military bases and more. 

Whether it’s wings, steaks or bacon … the path to our plates is a complex one that involves essential steps along the way and millions of people dedicated to ensuring we don’t miss one bite.