Best Food Facts Invites Three Consumer Influencers and Three Farmer Influencers to Texas

Generation Z has its own unique approach to food. They love exploring new flavors and prefer snacks to large meals.  Born between 1997 to 2012, Gen Z shoppers consider what they eat as part of their identity, so they look for foods that are healthy and good for people, animals and the planet. And, like the generations before them, Gen Zs are interested in where their food comes from, but most of them don’t have experience with farming. To help bridge the gap, Best Food Facts brought together three Gen Z consumer influencers and three Gen Z farmer influencers to experience what’s happening on the ranch, at the meat counter and in the grocery store.

The three-day adventure around San Antonio kicked off at Dean & Peeler Premium Angus Beef, a family cattle ranch in the heart of South Texas. Host Dustin Dean explained how the ranch was created by two families who came together to create beef for beef connoisseurs in the most sustainable way. The influencers got up close to the cattle and even tasted the animals’ feed.

The next stop was the Dean and Peeler Meat Counter where butchers described different cuts of meat. From there, the influencers went to Supreme Meats, Dean and Peeler’s further processing facility, and learned how the company emphasizes using all parts of the cow to be sustainable.

A head-to-head cooking competition capped off the exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour.  Throughout the tour, Gen Z consumer and farmer influencers explored food topics with cattle ranchers, a registered dietitian, a veterinarian and a chef. They made many discoveries:

“A lot of myths that I’ve heard were debunked on the trip. I now know so much more and can share it with my followers.” – Maddison, @Maddison’s Kitchen

“I just have a greater appreciation for farmers and ranchers.” – Courtney, @A Paige of Positivity

“It was really neat to meet other people who are doing what I’m doing. There’s not a ton of them out there, so being able to connect with someone that’s in the ag industry was a lot of fun.” – Tylar, @Ty the Texan

“I want consumers to know that farmers are just like them. We’re just trying our best. We’re very passionate about what we do.” – Zoe, @Farm with Zoe

Interested in seeing the full content from the tour? Check out their live content below.