Restaurant Tips: Eating Better When Eating Out

Better driving is dependent on knowing the rules of the road. Your journey toward more nutritious eating also begins with careful navigation. Whether you’re enjoying apps and cocktails at a happy hour with co-workers or dining out at a restaurant with family and friends, basic dining detours such as passing on the bread basket or taking the “carpool” approach and splitting a meal with someone at the table can make a big difference.

These simple detours can help you determine a better route to nutritious eating, navigating away from Overload Road to a more pleasant Lean Street – avoiding any unfortunate “crashes” into excess calories, fat or sodium.

Whether you’re dining at the local eatery or just looking for a quick bite at the airport or mall, the Restaurant Road Rules from registered dietitian Carolyn O’Neil can keep you well fueled and in the driver’s seat.

Image: “Ahhh….finished meal!” by m01229 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.